Best Car Racing Game Online and Offline for Android in 2022

On mobile devices, the kind of game that is most often played is the racing game. Adults, in addition to children, are big fans of playing video games that include racing. Here is a list of the top racing games that can be played on an Android phone if you are seeking for a nice racing game to play on your Android phone, if you are an Android user.

Best Online Car Racing Game

Here are the best online and offline racing games that you can play.

1. Real Racing 3

The finest Android online game, Real Racing, should unquestionably be at the top of the list. Electronics Arts’ (EA’s) game, for example, has stunning visuals and tense action that’s sure to get gamers’ blood pumping.

Players may race against a virtual driver in the game’s perspective cockpit. Is it possible for you to envision what it would be like to play the finest automobile game?

Many well-known manufacturers, like Lamborghini, McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and many more, produce supercars and hypercars. There is a resemblance between the automobiles in this fantastic racing game and real-world vehicles.

Download Real Racing 3

2. F1 Mobile

On Android, F1 racing also has official games, you know, friend. F1 Mobile is a racing game that presents high graphics with complex gameplay.

The latest car game made by Codemasters can be said to be one of the best car racing games on Android because it offers quality HD graphics and features official F1 teams that can be your opponents.

Here, you as a player will be tasked with creating your own F1 team against 10 other official F1 teams, such as Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, ALfa Romeo Racing, Red Bull Racing, and other teams.

There are several levels of difficulty that you can adjust when playing this best online car game. But our advice is to use the highest level, so you can feel the sensation of racing.

Download F1 Mobile

3. Asphalt Extreme: Rally Racing

Next up is Asphalt Extreme: Rally Racing is a racing game that is suitable for you lovers of extreme car racing. This online car game offers the thrill of racing in the desert or the beach while driving cool cars.

Do not expect to meet the highway while playing this game. Because Asphalt Extreme invites you to find the fastest route to be a winner. With these advantages Asphalt Extreme is perfect for those of you lovers of games that trigger adrenaline.

Download Asphalt Extreme: Rally Racing

4. Asphalt 8: Airborne

The next best Android online car game is Asphalt 8: Airbone. As the name implies, cars here can fly, friend. That is, when you are in the racing arena, the car can perform various freestyles, such as jumping, drifting, and other dangerous stunts.

Here, there are dozens of race track arenas and a choice of supercars that you can use. Every race you run, you’ll earn points that you can redeem to buy or modify your favorite car.

Download Asphalt 8: Airbone

5. CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 is one of the best drag racing games on Android. This game offers a drag race sensation that is both challenging and tense.

Like drag races in general, you as a player must set the right timing in shifting gears. Do not be too fast or too slow, because it will affect the results of the race later.

CSR Racing 2 provides you with lots of racing arenas and a choice of cars that you can use. As you race, you’ll earn points that you can use to modify your car.

Download CSR Racing 2

6. GT Racing 2

The next best online car game on Android is GT Racing 2. This game offers the sensation of speeding with 71 super-fast cars on 13 of the world’s best tracks.

In addition, GT Racing 2 provides dozens of challenges that you can go through to get lots of points. With HD graphics and a variety of tracks and cars, you will get the sensation of racing like a professional racer.

Download GT Racing 2

Android Offline Car Racing Game

The next part of this guide will cover offline racing games for Android, starting with the basics. Because they can be played whenever you want and do not need an online allowance, the following choices for the best Android car games are available for download as a way to spend your free time.

1. Rally Fury

First is Rally Fury Extreme Racing. This car racing game is thrill and challenge of high speed rally racing. You will put your driving skills to the test as you race against other cars that are no less fast.

This game can be played offline so it doesn’t use up your quota. For those who are willing to Rally Fury Extreme Racing, it can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store.

Download Rally Fury

2. Asphalt Nitro

The next best Android racing game 2022 is Asphalt Nitro. This game made by Gameloft presents many world famous car brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Nissan, BMW and so on.

In addition, Asphalt Nitro also presents racing arenas from various places such as China, Brazil and Italy. You can play in duel mode to knockdown mode which has each difficulty level.

Download Asphalt Nitro

3. Street Racing 3D

Third is Street Racing 3D. As the name implies Street Racing 3D is an offline car racing game that provides racing matches with 3D graphics. Street Racing 3D provides more than 30 cars and many racing arenas.

You are also given the opportunity to make the car you want and win every game. Street Racing 3D is available for free and can be downloaded on the Google Play Store.

Download Street Racing 3D

4. Fast Racing 3D

Fourth is Fast Racing 3D which combines high graphics, awesome cars, exciting racing arenas and sound effects that are close to the original. Fast Racing 3D invites you to collect a lot of money from each match.

With the money you collect, you can buy and design the cars you want. Fast Racing 3D also provides 48 levels, each of which presents its own challenges.

Download Fast Racing 3D

5. Crazy For Speed

Fifth is Crazy For Speed. The oni game has real sound effects and 3D graphics. You can easily control the game from a first-person perspective or a third-person perspective.

There are many race tracks and scenery waiting for you to explore. Plus you can build the car you want and win tons of matches. This game is available in offline mode so that the quota can be more efficient.

Download Crazy For Speed

6. Furious Car Racing

Sixth is Furious Car Racing. This racing game will put you in the role of a driver who was framed by gangsters to take part in a wild car race. As a racer, you have the opportunity to drive more than 20 of the world’s best cars.

Besides that, you can also design your dream car according to the speed and design of the car you want. For those who are curious, this offline racing car game is available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded for free.

Download Furious Car Racing

7. Drift Max City Car Racing

A game that is no less interesting is Drift Max City which provides the sensation of car racing with 3D graphics and a large selection of cars. Playing Drift Max City not only provides the sensation of driving at high speed.

Drift Max City also challenges your prowess in performing drifting techniques so that the car is able to pass every corner with ease. For those who are curious Drift Max City is available on the Google Play Store.

Download Drift Max City

8. Speed ​​Night 3: Asphalt Legends

The tenth is Speed ​​Night 3: Asphalt Legends, a racing game designed with various levels. Every match you win, you are entitled to a new car whose speed can be increased.

Speed ​​Night 3 also features nitrous acceleration which allows you to gain high speed in an instant and beat your opponents with ease. Speed ​​Night 3 is an offline game available on Google Play Store.

Download Speed ​​Night 3: Asphalt Legends

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